Integrity & Ethics

  • Jones Brokers enjoys a reputation among our clients, our colleagues, and our community of high integrity, ethical conduct and sincere honesty. You’ll never hear us say the words “trust me” because we believe trust is earned over time. Those who know us best have experienced firsthand the quality of our character and have trusted us to provide advisement throughout the often complex maze of buying commercial real estate.

Exclusive Representation

  • No one would hire the same attorney to represent both the accused and the accuser - the conflict of interest would be too great! And yet every day buyer’s think the seller’s broker will be fair and represent their interests in addition to the seller’s. This false premise has caused adverse consequences for many uninformed buyers. Georgia Real Estate law requires a listing broker to have a “fiduciary” relationship with their client, the seller, when he lists the property. Strictly speaking, this means the seller’s broker has a legally binding and enforceable responsibility to represent only the interests of his client - the seller - not the buyer's interests!. He must get the highest price for the seller and cannot try to get you as a buyer a “deal”. As a buyer, Jones Brokers will represent YOU “exclusively” in all negotiations without conflict of interest!

Off Market Properties

  • While other brokerage firms limit their property searches to “listed” properties, Jones Brokers surpasses the competition by thinking and acting “outside the box”. In addition to our local market knowledge of listed properties, we regularly track down corporate and private owners to negotiate the sale of an “off-market” property if it is in the best interest of our client. Our clients often have the advantage of buying properties that others do not even know are available. 

Lenders, Attorney’s, etc.

  • We maintain ongoing relationships with local lenders, attorneys, space planers, architects, civil engineers, etc. so we can refer you to proven and professional sources.


  • Our CCIM education provides you an advantage over other firms lacking this commercial real estate education.

EB-5 Visa Program


  • We will use an “interest based” negotiation model - not a “high-low” model in order to achieve maximum results on your behalf. Our negotiating skills have served our clients well to the extent that we’ve been dubbed as “bulldog” negotiators. 

Attentive Listening

  • We will carefully listen and seek to fully understand your commercial real estate requirements before commencing the site selection process.

Financial Analysis

  • We will perform cash flow and financial analysis for each investment property we present. 

1031 Exchange

  • We will work quickly and aggressively to identify properties within the limited time constraints of the 1031 Exchange program.  

Site Selection

  • We will perform Market Analysis for your industry using the latest most up-to-date technology. 

Attend the Closing

  • We will attend the closing with you to review documents and help with the final details.


Schedule a Needs Analysis meeting in which we will discuss what Jones Brokers Commercial can do for you! 

Leverage our knowledge. Draw on our experience. Apply our expertise to produce results that will increase your bottom line.